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Do you struggle with fat that seems to accumulate on your body for unexplained reasons?   Do you try to follow the right health and exercise routines to no avail?   Do you try many diets only to see the fat hang around or worse, increase?  Have you struggled to find the best way to burn fat and come up empty handed? Have you given up?  Did you know you are not alone?

Paleo Burn could be the solution you are looking for.

What is Paleo Burn?

Paleo Burn is a system put together by Ken Burge after he lost his job, house, cars, wife, and family to depression eating.  It is based on sound science and practices but it will defy some of the traditional things you believe to be true about healthy eating and healthy exercise.   Did you know you could be working out too much?   Did you know you could be eating a long considered “health food” that could be causing damage, illness, and even death?   Paleo Burn helps you eat the right things to release the right hormones and keep the wrong ones at bay though proper rest and exercise modeling after the living habits of the Caveman, which is where it gets the name.  This system has become widely popular after Ken and his family had great success and he widely marketed it to others who have had wild success. To get help with your weight loss or body building needs visit https://obsessionfactory.com

What does Paleo Burn do?

Paleo Burn will teach you how to unlock your own genetics to burn fat without starving or taking dangerous pills or any other gimmicks, just eating real food, getting real rest with just the right amount of workout.   It will keep you from eating the foods that even though you might be doing everything else right, will keep you from burning fat!

It will teach you the most important thing is rest.  Did you know if you aren’t getting enough rest it is better not to be working out at all?  Simply getting enough rest can make a dramatic difference.

It will teach you about Human Growth Hormone and Cortisol and how to control them both for your genetic success by kicking your metabolism into high gear to burn away pesky fat revealing your muscular self.  If you are in a stress spiral and feel tired and depressed, it will reverse the cycle and get you back on the path to fat burning once again with high energy.

The system consists of five different items:


The core product is the Paleo Burn Fat Burner System which has all the information in it you need to succeed regardless of what you have tried before.


You will also get the Quick Start Guide so you can begin to see results in the first 48 hours.


In addition there is a Food List to help you know what to eat, a Fat Burning Cookbook to help you cook it, and an Audio Collection of all the materials so you can listen to the program instead of read if you prefer.   Through a specially timed offer, you can also get Gold member access to the Paleo Burn website free.

 What are the Results?

You start feeling better with higher energy within the first few days.  Soon after you will notice your clothes fitting differently.  Not long after people will start to comment and ask what you are doing to lose weight because everyone struggles with this!  How is this possible?  The food industry spends BILLIONS of dollars every year on keeping things the way they are and continued consumerism is required.  If this type of thinking became the norm, think about the impact to the industry of the foods that really aren’t good for you?  They would lose millions.   There are well respected people that know but their voices are muted.

The US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health published a study revealing that this eating style reduces body fat, shrinks waist size, and even provides better results for diabetics than a traditional diabetic diet because it controls your insulin levels.

The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition sited proof that this type of eating results in an increased metabolic rate so you burn more calories every day making long term weight loss the end result.

In addition, Dr. Todd A. Dent, D. C. states,

“As a Doctor who is constantly working with patients to help them reach their fitness goals, I strongly recommend PaleoBurn.  It can work for anyone from a beginner level of fitness all the way through to advanced athletes.  The program keeps this fun and is something that can be done at home. I recommend PaleoBurn to anyone looking to improve their fitness.”

Dr. Steve Vasilev MD MBA FACOG FACS is a cancer surgeon, professor, author, and researcher.  He had this to say about Paleo Burn.

“I see the final effects that poor diet and lifestyle choices have every single day.  I mean really bad outcomes, like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.  People come to me looking for solutions to try and treat these diseases.  And although they can reverse these diseases by getting into shape, the real answer is prevention.  Here’s the thing:  You want to invest in your health and internal life in addition to stripping off that ugly fat.  So what’s the right approach?  The right diet?  The right exercise program?  Some are way too complicated, and some are plain wrong.  Some are just too hard… So on and so on.  Listen, stop with the delays.  The most important thing you can do for yourself, is to start… right now… with a no-nonsense, straight forward approach to getting into shape designed for the average person with some extra love handles.

After reviewing the principles of the PaleoBurn program, I fully support this approach for safe and effective fat loss.

Pay attention to what Ken is teaching in the PaleoBurn program.”

Here are just a few things people on the Paleo Burn program are saying:

“I lost 15 punds in 2 weeks and still going strong!”  – Mark Lantz, Poway, CA

“I have already lost a dress size.  I’m fitting into my clothes now and I have more energy!” –Bobi Graham

“I am down 36 pounds and gaining muscle!” –Aaron Taylor, Fouke, AR

“I’ve lost another 18 pounds since I started.  I’m down to 169 now!” –Mirrique Richelieu, Downey, CA

“I’ve lost 24 pounds so far by just watching what I eat!  I like that you encourage me to keep going!” –Paula Streitz

And there are many many more like that.

Things to watch out for

All of these are covered in the program but there are a couple keys to success that I want to make special mention of.  Please pay attention to the sleep recommendations.  You have no idea how big a difference that along will make in your life!  Also please note the specifics of the workout plan.  More is not better, ok?   Say that to yourself a few million times to reverse the brainwashing we have had our whole lives.  What you do and how you do it is very important and more isn’t better in this case.  Lastly, the bad foods, the ones you will soon know are bad anyway, well, they are sneaky.  Don’t underestimate where you might find them.   If you get into the program and you find you are getting stuck, or your progress is slowing, do yourself one small favor.   Keep a journal of everything you eat.   If you evaluate it, I bet you will find that one of those bad foods crept in while you weren’t paying attention.   The good news is, correction is easy and then you are off and running again.

How to buy

A few important items of note here.   When you are checking out, you will be taken to another site.  It is wholly secure and safe, but you will notice it.  There is an extra button to click to Confirm your purchase and then you will be given your credentials to the website and you can download the program immediately.

No coupons.   Don’t be tricked by other promoters or hacks of this offer.  There are no coupons.  The already crazy reduced price is $47.  If someone is offering coupons or discounts, steer clear!

There is an excellent, 60 day money back guarantee.   If for any reason you don’t like the program, they will give you a fill refund and you keep the product.   So this is a no-risk offer for you!

Lastly, there is a time sensitive offer on the table for the Gold member access so pay attention to the video to know when to go to the buy screen to make sure you get this special offer.

Are you ready??   I know your body is!


Do the smart thing and claim the PaleoBurn Fat Burner System for yourself right now from the official source!



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What the Paleo Diet is

The Paleo Diet is all about living healthy and making healthy choices given what we know to be true today in our agrarian society.  It is about getting enough sleep.  It is about getting enough high nutrient foods.  It is about getting enough of the right kind of exercise without stressing your body.  It is about understanding how the food we eat affects our bodies in general, but then also understanding how the food you eat affects your body as an individual.  I like to think of it as a science experiment. [click to continue…]